Your Rights
The Rights Of Others
You Have Rights
They Can Not Be Taken Or Given
Only Exercised Or Not By You!
To Live Free From Birth Certificate/Citizenship Slavery Bonds
To Not Be Governed By Corporations Posing Fraudulently As Government
(No Corporation Can Be A Government By Definition-Reference Clear-field Doctrine Case Law)
To Be Owned By Yourself - Not Others
To Be Treated As Sacred
The Right To Wealth
The Right To Happiness
The Right To Not Be Touched
The Right To Not Be Hit
The Right To Bill/Lien Any Corporate Agent Who Unlawfully Harms Rights or Forces Contract
(When I have caused no harm, hence no crime, right to refuse contract)
The Right To Use Your Own Rights & Sacred power To Protect The Rights & Freedom Globally
The Right To Not Be Arrested Before Trial, As Innocent Until Proven Guilty
The Right to Plead Innocent NOT JUST Guilty or Not Guilty
The Right To Own Your Children
The Right To Educate Your Children Within Your Community Standards
The Right To Keep Your Kids Beside you & Away From strangers
To Have Natural Community Help & Protect You
From Strangers Like Police, Teachers, Doctors, All Corporations Legally
To Have Relationship Circles Of People You Know Your Entire Life
Not Corporate Community of Strangers, who are nothing like you.
To Not Be Poor
To Do Any Lawful Act Without Permission From Anyone or Anything
To Be A Grown Up Via Becoming A Competent Heir , Not A Child Of Legal Slavery
To Not Have A J.O.B Just Over Broke Making Them Rich Not You Or Your Family
To Have Enough To Care For Not Only Yourself, But All You Love Around You
Family Generational Wealth - Protected In Private Trust - From Corporate Statehood Slavery
To Have Organic non GMO Food
Right To Health
Right To Not Contract With Slavery
The Right/Knowledge No One Can Force You To Contract
The Right To Refuse Intercourse - Contractual or Physically
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