Your Life/Self

WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.. Your body is your own Sovereign Nation.. The universe and you, what ever that means to you... put your living soul, into your living animal. This makes you a nation unto yourself..

so if a barber cuts one hair on your head, without your permission it is assault. That is your unalienable rights, unincorporated birth rights, sovereign rights held by indigenous power..

born on earth, you are indigenous to earth.. it is also referred to as being a Competent Heir under the 1925 administration of estates act.. in which it states a competent heir can reclaim dominion over anything held in a bankrupt trust under god.

Canada inc, usa inc, and all nation states who's citizens have birth certificates are in fact striped of rights at birth via birth certificate slavery bonds.. which turns you the man or woman, into a corporation, your biological property pledged to the national debt of the foreign corporations posing in fraud as government to rule you, tax you, kill you, etc.

Clear field doctrine case law proves, no corporation can be a government. Corporations are limited liability, hence commercially incompetent, or they would be fully liable for actions. To be a government, you must be unregistered, unincorporated, and fully liable under commercial law, upon penalty of perjury, under oath or attestation.

TO THOSE WHO ARGUE, ARGUE WITH THIS! Can a corporation force you to contract? Can anyone lawfully force you to register or incorporate? NO! Would anyone competent register their property to a bankrupt trust, which is someone else's corporation, never mind their physical self, children, property.. THAT IS WHAT THE LEGAL SYSTEM IS, YOU ARE OWNED AND TRADED ON A STOCK EXCHANGE AND STRIPED OF Rights, Wealth, Kids, Title etc.. YOU ARE SO VERY WELCOME! :) Reference Birth Certificates as persons owning equity in other persons.. a person is a body corporate, or legal person in blacks law dictionary.. reference 1985 canadian ownership control and determination act.)

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