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Thank you for your interest in our courses.


You will need to get your student membership. Once you get it, we can send you the codes to the websites, which will give you access to the courses in order to do and learn our processes for yourself.


Please click on the Correct Gift Amount, Then checkout to pay for it or email us PeaceMakerSociety@outlook.com for etransfer option TO GET YOUR STUDENT MEMBERSHIP RIGHT NOW! Just gift the correct amount by selecting the dollar amount buttons until they total the needed min gift as described below. Be sure to send us your name, email, mailing address and contact phone number.


Please see below our prices for Student Members of our Competent Heir Degree Course & Freedom Package offer:


  • Monthly Min Gift Settlement: the Individual Student Membership is $200/month for a 12-month term, so the total amount is $2,400.


  • Annual Min Gift Settlement: if you choose the annual Individual Student Membership settlement, you will gift $2,000 for the Student Membership. You can save $400 with this payment option.

  • Codes: they will be emailed within 24-48 hours after we get your gift.


Target Markets/Types Of Student Membership/Course Rates:
__$2000/Yr___Individual ___$5-$10,000_____ Group/Association ___$3000/Yr__ Family
_$5000/Yr__ Financial Planning _$5-$50000/Yr_Existing Business To Unincorporated Association
__$5000/Yr_____ Sovereign Upgrading __$5-$50000__ Over $1,000,000 In Assets (Complex)