We are placing a My Home Is My Freedom Embassy Door Hanger/WINDOW DISPLAY on every door on earth as fast as we can. To help us protect your local rights, from the legal slavery system.


By gifting $50 a month to us, this allows us to fund more printing, and bring free helpful programs to allow you and those around you, to care for your own communities with food programs, advocacy, harm reduction, end homelessness etc. As well as assist in the cost of holding legal system and agents lawfully accountable. :)


We honor all no harm community standards, religions, beliefs etc. Learn your rights today for free www.PeaceMakerSociety.org www.AllRightsReservedUniversity.org both have the free templates you need to be free, and the membership gift of $50 will go to bring programs and help more people quicker.


Thank you for helping us save freedom globally in honor of all killed by Covid Scam. Proven scam on www.PeaceMakerSociety.org 

Global My Home Is My Freedom Embassy Independent Local Rights Membership

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