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Peace Maker Society

Global Competent Law Jurisdiction Government/Empire

Historical Sovereign Bio - Marcel of the family Bessette

Founder, Signatory, Chief Justice, & Emperor

Peace Maker Society

Global Competent Law Jurisdiction Government/Empire

10 Year Anniversary April 30th, 2019!

1979 - 1990

1990 - 2000

2000 - 2010

2010 - 2019

As I walked through all communities at one time or another. I now see how each community or individual has PART of the solution, BUT IS ALSO PART of the limits to freedom.
- Gentle Heart/Sweethearts, are nurturing, but to scared to fight generally.
- Gangs are broken people, but are right to stand up for one another, loyalty, and warrior spirit, but done the wrong way hence criminals.
- Professionals like lawyers, legal admin judges, cops, cfs etc, are getting paid and are to dumb to see how they can make more with freedom, instead of enforcing slavery. Indoctrinated slavery enforcement.
- Administrators, generally work within the legal system, but are not the personality type generally to take the legal system on head on. To scary for them generally.
- Soldiers, corporate statehood soldiers anyway, are war criminals by definition, what ever country they serve as countries are corporations, not sovereign anything.
- The streets, are tough but unable to be organized as to broken/poor generally.
- Truth Movement, occupy, idle no more, g20 protesters, yellow vests, and the rest... are lacking the sovereign rights, private law fee schedules, societies, paperwork, wealth, and fight within the legal system wasting time, instead of using sovereign courts to hold all these legal agents who are a fraud accountable personally. as well as use privacy to protect yourself.. we have it all.
- My own friends from the past, my own family, won't do this, as it is beyond them. 
- You must do your sovereign paperwork.
- You must open your own sovereign bank accounts.
- You must create wealth and stop paying income tax.
- You must when able to, quite legal slave jobs.
- You must learn your rights, so you respect others rights.
- You must reserve rights in legal contract.
- You must open your own society.
- You must form a crew and protect yourself as a gang would using lawful process and privacy.
- You must educate your children, stop sending them to public slavery school.
- Stop getting vaccinated!
- Eat healthy, as most processed food will give you cancer as it increases metals in your body, and high ph, equals cancer can grow.
- Stop thinking legal anything is a government, IT ISN'T, JUST A CORPORATION!
- Learn how to protect yourself with private law fee schedules, against legal agents who force contract.
- You must become competent at admin.
- You must become competent at self and community security.
- You must keep away from strangers within your community, should be no stranger danger. Hence no public school.
- You must become complete, and grow beyond how you were diminished by the legal system.

Lost My Family

Due To Personal Growth Required To Become Emperor

Lost Love & Girlfriends

Due To Personal Growth Required To Become Emperor

Lost Many Friendships

Due To Personal Growth Required To Become Emperor

Marcel Today! :D

Due To Personal Growth Required To Become Emperor

Join Me As I Share With you, my touching & epic Story.  I am the man who founded, guided & paid for our society sovereign vision since it's founding. You must understand this society is a miracle on earth. It has been guided by god (not corporate religion/church) and destiny to create what is needed for you all to be free, once and for all!


I am a miracle, as not to many would have survived my journey, nor the luck and hard work combined with all the connections, ability, life circumstance. I am a normal man who put himself through hell, to help you all. I lost my friends, my family, my son, so many realities. Even around others, I have always been alone in my journey to become emperor. I was also raised to be a warrior by my mother. All Heart, Noble, Kind, Honest. I live by the old codes, of knights and nobility.


It isn't that I don't get scared at times, but then I hear another woman raped by cops, I hear another child murdered in satanic rituals by free masons, another child sex ring busted, planet dying, most people send their kids to get vaccinated, to public slavery school to be molested and beaten by strangers - kids and adults alike.


Let me start off by saying I have a deep love for all people at a distance. I love the beauty in ALL cultures, and Indigenous people are my favorite!  I have always been a solid guy in all circles I have traveled. I have never lived in one home for more than 4 years ever in my life to date. All people were my friend. I invited all I met to grow with me into their own sovereign rights. Sadly, my old family, friends & most public, would rather stay slavery losers under legal system, than claim their own rights and power. Cowards or pathetic mostly. I moved on, because I am a winner always!


I was taught to trust and give all people a chance. This lead me to be harmed as no one was with me to protect me from bad people but myself. Luckily I was stronger than anyone I ever came up against. Where ever I am, those around me are safe. I have fought over 500 times to protect friend and stranger alike. Often getting myself into trouble on their behalf. I am walking karma and accountability, Always!


Now I can't stand the reality of people today, and almost ALL CULTURES have serious problems with them as a no harm standard! I DON'T OWE THE WORLD OR ANYONE IN IT ANYTHING, NOR ANY KINDNESS. Most of you have NOT BEEN kind to me in MY LIFE! Step dad abused me as an alcoholic, mother let me rot on the streets for that alcoholic!


Kids picked on me/molested me as a child, teens for the most part I fought with and by 15 I was being sexually abused by 50 year old male lawyer & other gay people etc. At 18 the mother of my son and her mother, used cfs to steal my son from me because she wanted to go to bars, instead of be a family.


20's were morons in my life, same with 30's for the most part. I always found a few ok people to kill some time with, but non of you have a plan for life, none of you are winning, and frankly, non of you meet MY STANDARDS! Yet I was nice to you all anyway.. I have met and lived,worked within almost all cultures and communities. I know all personality types, gangs, business, kind & cruel people alike.


Unless you do as I do & teach, you are a slave loser in fact! You can change that fact anytime and I care enough about all of you I made it you can via my websites. As you are now, I wouldn't spit on most of you if you were burning in flames. I was born into a family of abuse and neglect, f### how the world is! The fact is I am helping you out of loyalty to god, honor and pity. So if you don't listen,  you suffer loser. If you care about life and freedom, prove it, or enjoy being a loser and a garbage man or woman in general! I Speak to you all this way, as most people are just selfish, no help, losers! I want to know winners!


Everything I teach is 100% Proven, Referenced, Truth. Sorry if you are to stupid to listen or learn what I teach. Not on me, that is a you issue! Learn what I teach, or you are a loser, period. I had to know all of you to learn this, you don't have to like me, to learn. Take my knowledge. Non of you are welcome in my society until you have founded your own. Peace Maker Society exists to protect me, give me peace from all the small, sad, harmful people who are so lost today! I see the divine in all of you, yet you are pathetic in habits & fact. I would have preferred we were equal, life has shown me WE ARE NOT EQUAL! 

Those I try to let into my life to help with freedom, have few skill sets, have no idea how to follow in order to be a leader, or are unreliable or doubt me or my results. That  is because you suck, has nothing to do with me. I win always. I am who has done this for you all, NO ONE ELSE HAS! Others have tried, but fell short, THIS WAS EASY FOR ME, BECAUSE I AM A WINNER. I wish YOU WOULD GROW BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO BE, then we could all be friends. I am here to lead though, and if you are to dumb to see that, then enjoy your harsh reality and slavery in fact!

Losers say "Not Everyone wants the same things Peace Maker Society does". Losers keep working legal slave jobs which fund a corporate system posing in fraud as government, to ensure they keep you enslaved via your birth certificate slavery bonds. THEN I AM NO LONGER AFRAID, I AND WHAT CONNECTS WITH GOD INSIDE ME ARE FURIOUS. IT INFURIATES ME! As it should you! If you do not change, you are a piece of sh#t loser serving satan via the legal slavery system. FACT You are a nazi until you know and respect the rights of all, AND YOU ARE FULLY LIABLE FINANCIALLY, PERSONALLY, WHEN WE COME TO LITIGATE WHERE YOU WORK WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM, unless you learn what I TEACH YOU, and respect that people have private law rights. Legality is fraud and bullsh#t!

WINNERS KNOW - Legality is a contract, and no one can force you to contract, nor is any contract binding, if there is no full disclosure, or meeting of the minds, and no duress.

No Corporation Can Be A Government.
(Reference: Clear Field Doctrine Case Law & Limitation Of Powers Corporations Act!) Anything Corporate is  limited liability, hence commercially incompetent. You must be Unregistered, Unincorporated, Fully Liable, Under oath or attestation, upon Penalty of Perjury to be a real government, judge, law etc. Legality IS NOT LAW! It is a joke, and you are the punch line if you don't learn your rights! Luckily I proved and now teach how to do it all! AND I MADE IT FREE ONLINE!


This is an honest view of myself, Marcel of the family Bessette. I have always been a good hearted bad ass, with a nerd inside. ;) I am always sweet first, offer the best of myself first, yet I can out as#h#le anyone if they test me or if despite me trying to help them, they want to be a loser under slavery. My life was harder, my brain smarter, my body tougher, and my mind unbreakable! Life is what you tolerate, so I tolerate nothing outside my own lawful standards. I control what is or is not around me always.

I grew up like all of you, yet so much has changed... To all I left Behind, I love you all dearly, thank you for our time together! I will cherish our memories til my last breathe WHAT I DO, I DO FOR ALL I LOVE, PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE! I could have stayed with those I loved, and the limits they have. Instead I followed god and my destiny, at the cost of all I love, as I had to go where they were unable to follow. Frankly, they chose to be losers, instead of follow sovereign rights. 

MY LIFE History.  What was, what was lost, what was learned,  How I became An emperor. How I use this position and title to lawfully defend myself as well as go after all rapists, legal agents, murder's with a badge, judges, lawyers, all just a corporation, NOT A GOVERNMENT. WELL I AM A REAL Government! An Empire!

I am an all heart kind of man, Yet I hid my heart from the world. I share my heart with you all now! 

I humble myself before you, even though I am an emperor. Before you hate on me or judge me Remember, I am the Chief Justice/Judge. The Truth Is The World Is Full Of Horrible People Now! You are not my equal, yet I hope one day you will be. Most people are bad people, until you become sovereign You are the problem on earth, NOT ME! Show RESPECT, You Get Respect If you don't, you won't!

I share this to help you shelter those who want to win via sovereign rights and be safe from harm. To shed light on the same harm affecting all or most. I am here to show you how to protect you, even from Loser Slavery Via Citizenship Criminals. 

I serve god, law, rights, ancestors, all murdered by legal slavery or currently being harmed by it!

I regret nothing, but miss many. This is called sacrifice to save what is sacred, life, nature, god, fellow beings.

All elders must share their experience, so youth may benefit. Nothing on this page is my ego

it is a deep look Into  the Man, The Myth, The Legend In The Making. My story is like many of you.
I feel the suffering of all, 
I serve god and in so doing serve all mankind/womankind. You can all do as I have.

I share this so you know what kind of man I am. Here is to love, heart, goodness, families, children, healing, blessings, sovereignty. I wish you the wisdom of my life, & an end to the worlds suffering!

So the story begins....I share on this page with you my pictures and stories from my life.  as To Trust Me, you must know who I am.

I hope you see the true me. I share with you now pictures from my life. I share with you why I fight as I do for freedom. In both lawfully - positive and negative ways. It is my destiny.

If I am ever rude, I'm just tired and had a long life so I do not suffer fools or stupid nicely anymore. I see freedom needs help. I do what it takes, Winners please come help us. Just learn your rights & use our results!  I beg you, only you suffer if you don't. You suffer how I used to, but now I no longer suffer. Not suffering, is my wish for all of you... Losers who support slavery legal system, YOU CAN GO F YOURSELF!

Citizens are the bad guy, as you never took it upon yourself to learn your rights.. before it wasn't available, but now with google etc. no excuse..
When you understand what I do, you too will feel as I do.. I stand up for victims, as I am a victim of stupid people and legality abuse.

I was a child molested.. a teenager sold for sex, arrested over 70 times for minor offenses with no jail time, generally helping others or dealing with criminals myself.

I lost my son, to the legal system and a bitter ex who wasn't fit to be a mother when I was fit to be a dad. I was wrongly diagnosed bipolar in my early 20's by a stupid ex with a degree, and any doctor who would listen after that. I was medicated for several years.. and it sucked.. I lost my first home to the bank at 23, because they would not refinance my 10 year mortgage as I left my job. I left that job because they wanted me to pay a picture camera ticket, in winter, when ice made myself and those I was driving slide through a yellow light as it was black ice.. I quite over having to pay their company ticket...



I have been physically attacked my entire life because I am smarter than almost anyone in life, and I point out when people do dumb things... I am not that big at five foot seven, but I am wicked strong and very well trained.. so I always do well when they attacked me, but still, f##k those who cause harm. F##k those who enforce slavery..  I AM THE GOOD GUY, COMING TO F##K UP ALL LEGAL SLAVERY, VIA Competent Law, via Peace Maker Society..  and EVIL FELT HOW AWFUL GOODNESS IS.. (quote from the crow) My family destroyed by divorce and alcohol, school made sure I had no natural family or community around me so everyone was free to pick on me, molest me, the works.. THE ONLY REASON I NEVER TURNED INTO TONY MONTANA, AND I COULD HAVE EASILY... WAS GOD.. Was the innocence and goodness in the world still.. you all have goodness within you, just become a competent heir.. I did, you can to.. I almost lost my mind when i was younger, life was horrible.. although many great moments.. don't waste your life in slavery via citizenship, become freedom, be the bad guy to slavery, evil people, murderers of innocent people, rapers of children,  who you call, Government (although just a corporation) Catholic Church.. and all corporations posing in fraud as god, religion, morality, government.. if you are corporate, you say you have no soul.. well this soul, is teaching all, how to use privacy, law, rights, bills, private investigators to get agents info, the works.. f##k the system that cost me almost 40 years of my life, f##k those who support it, til my last breathe, and for all eternity, via my work which will live on for all time. To avenge all victims in all periods of history tortured, raped, murdered by corporate statehood, and the church!

Enjoy the pictures and stories from my life. Now our story begins.... 1979 was a very different time in the world.........