News Paper Articles

The Broadcaster PAGE 4: "Forgotten Freedom, Sharing our Success."

Winnipeg Free Press: "Legislative Grounds Home To Annual Pot Lightup."

Brandon Sun; "Legislative Grounds Home To Annual Pot Lightup."

University of Winnipeg The Uniter: "UWSA Executive Solidarity With Peace Maker Society." (Solidarity The UWSA Executive shows its solidarity with the community by attending off-campus rallies, events and meetings, including:
* Peace Maker Society
* Campus Labour Meeting
* Occupy Winnipeg

Source: UWSA Annual Executive Report "

University of Winnipeg The Uniter: "For Those Who Hate Taxes and Love Weed" (1st article ever, we got better at explaining
and dealing with the press. We show this as it mentions several goals we stated, which we have since accomplished.)

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