Peace Maker Society 2020 - Minimum Gift - Student - Rate Sheet  and


 $250/Month 12 Months

 Or $2500/Year

We are hiring and have many jobs available if you need to earn the money for membership, just ask!

(Personal Coaching Not Included - What you need is in our video playlist on youtube, click youtube button bottom of this page to start learning right now for free! Then Join as a student to get your paperwork templates and support emails/instructions. Thank you for caring about and learning your sovereign rights!!!)

OUR NORMAL Personal Coaching RATES - Which include personal coaching.

Bronze Package 1 = $500 = 1 Month Course & 1 Hour Mastermind Consulting

Silver Package 2 = $1500 = 2 Months & 5 Hours Mastermind Consulting

Gold Package 3 = $5000 =  6 Months & 15 Hours Mastermind Consulting

VIP Sovereign Package 4 = $10,000 = 1 Year 40 Hours Mastermind Consulting

Business/Group Package 5 = $25,000 = 1 Year & 100 Hours Mastermind Consulting

If you are interested just email us your phone number, if you want us to give you a call, explain how it all works, and see if you are a good fit for us to teach. I am taking on around 100 000 - 500 000 students right now, then as you guys graduate, you can teach others, or I can accept more students..

Thank you for your interest in our courses, & for your generous gifts!


You will need to get your student membership. Once you get it, we can send you the codes to the websites, which will give you access to the courses in order to do and learn our processes for yourself.


Please Etransfer the Correct Gift Amount to for etransfer option TO GET YOUR STUDENT MEMBERSHIP RIGHT NOW! Just gift  Be sure to send us your name, email, mailing address and contact phone number.

To make sure this is for you, before you ever gift us a penny, please click the youtube link at the bottom of this page to watch over 440 videos we made to help you learn your own freedom. Freedom isn't free, but we have made it accessible for all.

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